Brand new courses for 2021 and the best of 2020 back by request

Our Courses

How the Courses work

  1. Grab a coffee and click on the course and begin the lessons. You can complete them all at once or you can start, pause and resume lessons to complete them in your own time.
  2. Once you have finished a lesson, click the “Mark complete” button.
  3. You will then be able to access the respective quiz from the My courses page.
  4. Complete the quiz. Please check your answers before submitting the quiz. You only have 3 attempts at the quiz.  You need to score 70% or more to qualify for the CEU points. If you are unsure of something, you can go back to the presentation video or article and check and then come back and complete the quiz (as long as you haven’t submitted it yet).
  5. When you are ready, submit the quiz. It will mark it for you and a “Print CPD certificate” button will appear. Please do not save or print the certificate until you have completed the course evaluation for video presentations, as it will not have a date on your certificate.
  6. Please make sure to complete the Course Evaluation survey. We need to submit this to HPCSA to complete the accreditation process. It also helps us to streamline, improve and monitor the quality of our CPD. You can now save or print your certificate.
  7. The website will store your certificate under your “My courses” page if you would like to access it later. A rosette will appear next to the course and the status complete. Click on the rosette to see your certificate.

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  1. Thanks to you and the OT link team – really blown away by such an incredible site. So user friendly and such a useful resource to be able to gain more knowledge so thank you!

    1. Thanks so much for the review Gabriella! We are so glad you are enjoying the site and courses. We are passionate about making CPD relevant, easy and inspiring! We are so glad if it is actually meeting your needs!

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