welcome to 2024!
exciting new workshops releasing soon.. watch this space!

About Workshops

Workshops cover assessment tools, outcome measures, clinical techniques, or specialised services more in-depth. The use of evidence-based practice is key to these workshops. Speakers are experts in the field with good knowledge of the relevant literature and clinical experience in the field.

Prior to COVID pandemic – Workshops were held in person with web conferencing available for therapists who were unable to attend Workshops in person or who prefer to tune in from the comfort of their home or office.

For the time being all workshops will be hosted online either via webinar or as video recordings due to the COVID Pandemic. This is in accordance with our Dec 2021 Survey of customer preferences. 

Online mentoring sessions linked to these workshops are available on the Mentoring page. These will qualify for 1 CEU per hour of live Zoom meeting (No Quiz). 

CEU certificates will load automatically onto your My Courses Profile to be downloaded, printed or stored, on completion of the CPD activity.