Developmental Resource Stimulation Programme – Electronic Manual

Course Overview

About the DRSP

The Developmental Resource Stimulation Programme (DRSP) is an unique, child-parent-specific, one-on-one, easily executed, integrated programme for children with Down Syndrome from birth to 42 months. The DRSP was developed as part of Dr Russell’s PhD. It has been studied in the unique South African community context and its effects on the developmental progress of children with Down Syndrome has been  objectively measured.

Format of the DRSP

  • The DRSP consists of 85 activities based on the typical development of children.
  • Activities are designed to promote motor, sensory and cognitive development, as well as activities found in everyday living.
  • Each activity is presented together with a graphic, a short description of the structuring and presentation of the activity, the materials required and the aims and outcomes targeted by this activity.
  • The KIT used in this programme can be compiled from inexpensive, durable, common household objects and utensils with a variety of textures, colours and applications.
  • The programme can be used in therapy sessions and prescribed as a home programme.
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The Developmental Resource Stimulation Programme was developed and researched in the South African community setting by Dr Dorothy Russell.

Dr. Dorothy Russell has worked as a Senior Occupational Therapist and the Director of the Bloemfontein Child Information Centre (BCIC) in the Department of Paediatrics and Child Health in the Faculty of Health Sciences at the University of the Free State, for the past 36 years.

Dr. Russell’s passion lies in working with babies and children with Down Syndrome and their families. She values the role of community service and has spent much of her career developing programmes and intervention specifically designed for this context.

As part of her PhD, Dr. Russell developed the Developmental Resource Stimulation Programme. This programme was designed to assist parents in the management of their babies and children with Down Syndrome, with particular emphasis on the application of the task-orientated approach. Her research tested the application, efficacy and impact of this programme on the developmental progress of children with Down Syndrome.

Dr.Russell has presented at congresses nationally and internationally and has authored 17 publications including manuals and scientific journals. She continues to train and mentor occupational therapists in the treatment of children with Down Syndrome and Developmental Delay.