Vona Du Toit Model of Creative Ability – Online Training

Course Overview

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Mental Health -Professional Band

16 CEUs, Level 2 CPD. 


What is the VdTMOCA?

“Originating in South Africa, the Vona du Toit Model of Creative Ability (VdTMoCA) is a construct enabling the recovery of Creative Ability. The guiding principle is that motivation (or volition) governs action and that by observing a persons engagement in purposeful activity the Occupational Therapist can measure the strength and direction of volition. Sequential stages of recovery are defined under the headings Volition and Action.” – Vona Du Toit Foundation

Course Design

This is a dynamic online training course consisting of video presentations, quizzes, tasks and assignments designed to help you apply the theory to your clinical practice, as well as opportunity for one-on-one tutoring and mentorship from skilled clinical tutors. You have 6 months from the time of registration to complete this course. All content is available from point of registration.

Course Content:

This course is divided into three modules:
  1. Theoretical components: This module explores the theory and philosophy underlying the VdTMoCA. This includes the concepts of creative action; growth factors; and the interaction between motivation and action. The developmental nature of the levels of creative ability and the various phases are explored in detail.
  2. Assessment of levels of creative ability: Planning, approach and principles of assessment are discussed for individual clients and in group settings. Tasks help to build participants’ skill in identifying the nine levels of creative ability in clients. The Creative Participation Assessment and Creative Ability Assessment Grid tools are presented. Participants then get an opportunity to implement these assessments with their clients, under supervision.
  3. Treatment planning, implementation and review: This module discusses the process of individual and group treatment planning integrating the VdTMoCA together with complementary models. Treatment principles specific to a client’s Level of Creative Ability are explored considering: activity requirements, therapeutic relationship, presentation, structuring, evaluation and grading. Design, evaluation and grading of treatment into outcome-directed programmes is explained. Further opportunity for application to participants’ clinical setting and supervision is offered.



The OT Link is thrilled to partner with Daleen Casteleijn (PhD(OT)) to present the Vona Du Toit Model of Creative Ability – Online Training.

Daleen is a well known, experienced OT, researcher and lecturer in the field of occupational therapy in psychiatry. She started her career in the 1980s in public hospitals and worked at Kalafong Hospital, Weskoppies Hospital and Garankuwa Hospital. She began work in academics in the 1990’s and worked for 16 years in the Occupational Therapy Department of University of Pretoria. She moved to WITS Occupational Therapy Department in 2008. After the COVID-19 pandemic, she moved to the University of Pretoria, her alma mater where she is continuing her research on the APOM and supervising post-graduate students.

As part of her doctoral research, Dr Casteleijn developed the outcome measure: Activity Participation Outcome Measure (APOM) based on the Vona Du Toit Model of Creative Ability. She has spent much time researching and teaching on the Vona Du Toit Model of Creative Ability, both at an undergraduate and post graduate level, locally and internationally. She has worked closely with the Vona Du Toit Foundation and is a co-author of the textbook THE VONA DU TOIT MODEL OF CREATIVE ABILITY: Origins, Constructs, Principles and Application in Occupational Therapy (2019)
Editors: Dain van der Reyden, Daleen Casteleijn, Wendy Sherwood, Pat de Witt.
Publisher: Vona & Marie du Toit Foundation, Pretoria, South Africa.
ISBN: 978-0-620-84290-7.

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