Course Overview

Understanding Fibromyalgia, assessment and functional implications.

Registrations are open.

Course content will be loaded online by 26 October 2020.

6 CEUs

The Video Presentation will review:

  • How did we get here? – the development of the “Fibromyalgia” diagnosis over time
  • Introduction to Fibromyalgia – prevalence/presentation/pathophysiology/prognosis etc
  • Assessing Fibromyalgia and its functional impact – evidence-based measures to incorporate in your FCE
  • Reporting on findings
  • Making recommendations for management

Live Zoom Question and Answer session related to this presentation: Friday 13th November , 9am-10am.

(Additional 1 CEU for attendance of the live Zoom session)


About the Presenter


The OT Link is thrilled to welcome Helen Roome [BSc (OT); PG Dip Interdisciplinary Pain Management; Dip. Practical Labour Law; MA Theology] to present Coffee Club.

Helen is a passionate, creative OT with over 20 years clinical experience in adult physical and psychiatric rehabilitation. She completed a Postgraduate Diploma in Pain Management in 2019 with distinction. She now works with adults with chronic pain, stress and fatigue – offering them a compassionate and practical approach to
managing their daily challenges.
She brings a wealth of clinical experience and the latest evidence to support best practice in managing the complex condition that is Fibromyalgia.