Baby Course: Brain Networking and Plasticity in Early Occupational Therapy Intervention

Course Overview



33 Clinical CEUs and 5 Ethical CEUs

The ultimate Occupational Therapy Clinical Masterclass in the field of Neuroscience as it relates to Early OT Infant Intervention. Christa weaves the latest evidence into clinical practice offering a blend of theory teaching, clinical demonstrations and experiential learning with babies and their caregivers during this 5 day workshop. There is emphasis on development, the task-oriented approach, goal-driven evidence-based assessment and intervention, and OT areas of specialty including vision, splinting, upper extremity and occupation-based interventions for infants with neurological fall out.  

In-Person Event Details (Limited to 18 attendees)

This session will be run in-person but will rely on the online course for course notes, resources and assignments.

*** Please bring along your own lunch. 

Venue: Universitas Hospital Occupational Therapy Department, Bloemfontein
DATE: Friday, 27 September to Tuesday, 1 October 2024
TIME: 8am – 5 pm daily


Day 1
  • Theories and Frameworks Guiding OT Practice.
  • Assessment/ observation of the young infant in the ICF concept
  • The goal of early intervention
  • Value of Play
  • Toys
  • Practical and theory on hand function (UE)
Day 2
  • Typical development during the First Year Development occurs through the integration of many systems
  • Sensory Processing – Practical and theory
  • Upper Extremity (UE)
Day 3
  • Sensory-Motor-Perceptual-Attention-Regulation and Modulation Issues
  • Vision and perception
  • Practical in vision and UE
Day 4
  • Facilitation: The way to give this concept a valid meaning
  • Treatment guidelines
  • Posture & Postural Control Management
  • Practical on task analysis
Day 5
  • Atypical development- behavior influenced by systems
  • Adaptations
  • Splints

This course holds accreditation at Level 4 – EXPERT within the OT Professional Body’s Paediatrics Taxonomy.

It is designed to assist Occupational Therapists (OTs) in their pursuit of specialization through the Professional Body.
Therefore, we strongly advise that OTs considering enrollment in this course possess a minimum of two years of clinical experience prior to registering.
Closing date for registrations is 31 August 2024.
  • Load Discount Price R7800 available until 8 March 2024.
  • Early Bird Registration Price R8050 available until 31 July 2024.
  • Late Registration Price R8800 available until 31 August 2024.



The OT Link is delighted to partner with Dr Christa Scholtz and Dr Dorothy Russell to bring you a new series of Evidence-based Clinical Paediatric Neuroscience workshops.

Dr Christa Scholtz brings over four decades of knowledge and expertise to this masterclass. Her passion lies in assessing and managing of babies, adults and children with neurological disorders. She has a special interest in visual impairment, cerebral visual impairment, sensory processing, autism, ADHD and development.

Christa holds a Master’s degree in Occupational Therapy from the University of Free State, South Africa, and recently completed her Ph.D. in the same field. With a clinical career spanning the globe, Christa has worked in diverse settings, from burn units to special schools and private practices  in various countries, including South Africa, Australia, Chile, and Poland.

She is a renowned Senior Bobath Tutor, having presented OT modules and workshops in RSA, Israel, Saudi Arabia, Zambia, Rwanda, Australia, Poland, France, Chile, Brazil and Lithuania, contributing significantly to the field’s advancement. Christa has been a featured speaker at various local and international conferences, sharing her expertise with a wider audience.

She has co-authored a research article on the intervention of children with cerebral palsy, showcasing her commitment to evidence-based practice.

Dr Dorothy Russell will assist Dr Scholtz in presenting this clinical workshop.

Dr. Dorothy Russell has worked as a Senior Occupational Therapist and the Director of the Bloemfontein Child Information Centre (BCIC) in the Department of Paediatrics and Child Health in the Faculty of Health Sciences at the University of the Free State, for the past 36 years.

Dr. Russell’s passion lies in working with babies and children with Down Syndrome and their families. She values the role of community service and has spent much of her career developing programmes and intervention specifically designed for this context.

As part of her PhD, Dr. Russell developed the Developmental Resource Stimulation Programme. This programme was designed to assist parents in the management of their babies and children with Down Syndrome, with particular emphasis on the application of the task-orientated approach. Her research tested the application, efficacy and impact of this programme on the developmental progress of children with Down Syndrome.

Dr.Russell has presented at congresses nationally and internationally and has authored 17 publications including manuals and scientific journals. She continues to train and mentor occupational therapists in the treatment of children with Down Syndrome, Neurological Impairment and Developmental Delay.


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