Supporting Employees with Performance Difficulties

Course Overview

Video Presentation by Peter Strassheim


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This presentation reviews:

  •  Main forms of workplace difficulties
  • Was disability the cause of the problematic conduct
  • Aligning OT report recommendations
  • The importance of Reasonable Accommodations (RA)
  • How & when to recommend an RA
  • Report alignment with the law
  • If a recommendation is ignored
  • When to suggest a benefit claim



About the Presenter

Peter Strassheim is a public interest legal advisor and management consultant specializing in the fields of incapacity, disability and employee benefits, mental health law and pensions law. He is Managing Consultant at DLM Legal Advisors & Consultants, which trains employers, practitioners and professionals to comply with the Employment Equity Act’s disability-related requirements, and the Labour Relations Act’s incapacity obligations. Peter presents regularly for INSTOPP.