Remote Work and Spinal Cord Injury

Course Overview

6 CEUs


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Video Presentation

2 CEUs. 2 Hours.

This course will review

  1. Review of the remote work literature within a global and local context
  2. “The lived experience” – Explore the barriers and facilitators of remote work as experienced by persons with SCI.
  3. Discuss the occupational justice framework within the remote work context.
  4. Discuss practical considerations when considering remote work for persons with SCI within the open labour market.
  5.  The use of remote work as a recommendation for reasonable accommodations and return to work in a medico-legal, insurance or clinical setting.

Recorded Webinar

1 CEU. 1 Hour. 
Recorded Case Study and Question and Answer session with Alicia Swart relating the video presentation to clinical practice examples.    

Read the Literature

3 CEUs. 15 MCQs.
Includes a voucher for an online article activity of your choice on Article CPD


About the Presenter


The OT Link is excited to host Alicia Swart MSc (OT) at Coffee Club.

Alicia has a clinical background largely in Adult Physical Rehabilitation. Following Community Service, Alicia joined a Life Health Care Gauteng Rehabilitation Hospital where she worked in the spinal, medical and neurological units. This provided a good foundation of experience for her move to the Western Cape Rehabilitation Centre, where she is currently working. She completed her undergraduate and postgraduate Occupational Therapy training at The University of Stellenbosch with a special interest in Spinal Cord Injury and Vocational Rehabilitation.

Alicia’s Masters Dissertation was titled:  “The lived experiences of persons with Spinal Cord Injuries
engaging in remote work. A South African Perspective.” She is well read in this area and has presented her research findings locally and internationally including the WFOT: World Congress in August 2022.

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Sharize Schaerer
Posted 8 months ago
Remote work & occupational justice framework

Good to be exposed to remote work as a 'reasonable accommodation option' - Slides were quite text heavy, difficult to follow at times

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