Neuroplasticity in Stroke Rehabilitation 2021

Course Overview

3 CEUs


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Back by popular demand, this is the 2020 COFFEE CLUB Neuroplasticity in Stroke Rehabilitation as an on-demand course.

Video Presentation

3CEUs. 15 MCQs.:

This course will review:
  • Identifying clients with potential for neuroplasticity
  • The principles to optimise neuroplasticity.
  • Practical application of these principles in therapy and in different fields.
  • Video case study examples.
*You have until the 31st of December 2021 to complete this course*



The OT Link is delighted to bring you a recorded presentation by Juliana Freeme[MSc(OT)] from the 2020 Coffee Club.

Juliana (MSc (OT Neurosciences)) has worked in academia for the past 12 years. She has mentored and taught hundreds of students predominantly in the fields of adult neurological rehabilitation and paediatrics. She has presented at numerous local and international conferences and has authored 5 publications. She is at the cutting edge of Adult Neuro Rehabilitation in South Africa and is well qualified to share her insights on best practice in our context.

In 2019, Juliana presented Coffee Club CPD: Stroke: Using prognostic indicators to guide treatment approach and selection of outcome measures. The workshop was very well received and participants requested Juliana present a follow up workshop discussing how to implement neuroplasticity principles in practice.