Hypoxic-Ischaemic Encephalopathy (2022)

Course Overview


This course consists of two video presentations.

Hypoxic-Ischaemic Encephalopathy is a common cause of Cerebral Palsy. Given the impact of neurological impairment on a child’s development and quality of life, scientists are researching this condition constantly: exploring its presentation, causes, progression, and management – searching for ways to improve outcomes. This presentation is an excellent blend of the latest research on this condition and the occupational therapist’s role, starting in the NICU, in managing this condition and working to improve outcomes for infants. Bianca also shares several important resources.  

Video 1 reviews:

    • All the latest developments in the evidence in this field
    • Definitions and synopsis: Neonatal Encephalopathy vs. Hypoxic Ischaemic Encephalopathy
    • HIE: Diagnosis, Clinical Presentation, Medical Assessment and management, Outcomes
    • OT in HIE: Assessment, intervention, collaboration and resources

Video 2:

  • Bianca presents an interesting case study and discusses the complexities of clinical decisions around the case and the controversy in clinical treatment options relating to this and similar cases.



The OT Link is delighted to welcome Bianca Pereira [MSc(OT)] back to present a follow up course to “Introduction to Neonatal Therapy“.

Bianca is currently working at the prestigious Nelson Mandela Children’s Hospital. She completed her certification as a Neonatal Therapist at the beginning of 2020. Bianca completed her MSc in 2016 at Wits. Her dissertation was titled: “Developmental outcomes of infants with HIE that have and have not undergone whole-body induced hypothermia.” She has completed basic and advanced NDT training; Neonatal core training (Ignite program through NANT); and NBAS training. She is certified in the use of Prechtl’s General Movement Assessment and the Hammersmith Neonatal Neurological Examination.  She has 11 years of clinical experience in paediatrics (and specificially neonatal therapy) and hand therapy and has worked in the public and private health care settings. She is well qualified to share cutting edge knowledge and experience in this fast developing field.

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