Goal Attainment Scaling 101

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Video Presentations

This workshop includes three video modules.

Module 1 (Presented by Lauren Michell and Katherine Gradidge) 2 CEUs, 15 MCQs.

Introduction to Goal Attainment Scaling: 
  • Defining goals
  • Reviewing evaluation needs and methods in use
  • Exploring the evidence: Merits and limitations of Goal Attainment Scaling (GAS)
  • Improving reliability and validity

Module 2 (Presented by Jennifer Hooper) 2 CEUs. 15 MCQs.

How to write and score Goals using GAS (2hour video)
  • What is GAS?
  • What can GAS measure?
  • Who sets goals?
  • Process of setting Goals using GAS
  • Evaluating your goals
  • Common errors in writing goals
  • Scores and Calculations
  • Application to practice – using goals to plan intervention

Module 3: (Presented by Jennifer Hooper ) 2 CEUs. 15 MCQs.

Application of GAS to a variety of clinical settings 
  • Examples of Goals set using GAS in different fields of practice including:
    • Adult Psychiatry
    • Adult Physical – Neuro and Biomechanical
    • Community
    • Paediatrics – SI, Learning disability, neuro
    • Education
  • Critique and evaluation



Jennifer Hooper [(MSc(OT)]  has worked in the public health, private practice, and NPO clinical settings covering general practice, paediatrics (medicine and surgery, neurology, psychiatry, learning and development) and medico-legal functional capacity client loads. She has also taught in the under graduate OT programme at WITS University and continues to teach on a post graduate level predominantly in the fields of neurological rehabilitation and paediatrics.  Jennifer’s passions include: teaching and learning; working with families and children towards realising their goals and happy, healthy living; multi-disciplinary, quality service delivery based on sound evidence-based principles; activities(!) and the magic of the task-orientated approach.


Katherine Gradidge [MSc(OT)] graduated in 2001 and obtained a Masters Degree in Neurosciences in 2009, both from Wits University. Katherine has experience in neurology, cognition and perception, orthopaedics, burns and plastic surgery. In addition to time spent in practice in a tertiary hospital, Katherine has worked at Wits University and is currently working in the medico- legal field. Katherine is passionate about research and evidence based practice, and goal driven therapy.


Lauren Michell (MSc(OT)) has clinical experience in community, spinal cord rehabilitation, wheelchair seating, sports classification and medico-legal functional capacity evaluations. She worked as lecturer at the University of the Witwatersrand predominantly in the field of adult physical rehabilitation.  Lauren is passionate about return to work and vocational rehabilitation, particularly in the field of spinal cord injury and this formed the basis for her Masters dissertation. She values evidence-based practice, sound teaching and learning principles and goal driven therapy.



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