Ergonomics - Fitting workspace to person and job

Course Overview

6 CEUs


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Video Presentation
  • 2 CEUs. 2 Hours.
  • This course will review:
    • Ergonomics (definition) and the OT, what is our role?
    • Update on the New Ergonomics Regulations.
    • Scope and content of the ergonomic assessment by OTs in the FCE and medicolegal assessment.
    • What are the ergonomic recommendations for common work positions?
    • Essentials to work station set up.
    • Introduction to products available in the SA market.
    • How to report recommendations.
Live/Recorded Webinar
  • 1 CEU. 1 Hour
  • Thursday , 27 October,  9-10am on Zoom.
  • Join Phumla and The OT Link for a virtual live ergonomic assessment. Thereafter there will be an opportunity for questions, answers and discussion around this topic. If you are unable to join this session live – it will be recorded and the recording saved on your course profile.
Read the Literature
  • 3 CEUs. 15 MCQs.
Includes a voucher for an online article activity of your choice on Article CPD
*You have until the 31st of December 2022 to complete this course*


About the Presenter


The OT Link is delighted to welcome Phumla Motsa (BSc OT) to present a new Coffee Club on Ergonomics.

Phumla Motsa is a passionate OT working in the vocational rehabilitation field. Since completing her BSc Occupational Therapy, she has completed a Diploma in Vocational Rehabilitation,  a Harvard Manage Mentor Programme and a Diploma in Health Economics from the University of Cape Town. Phumla is a certified WorkWell Trained Provider and Psychiatric Functional Capacity Evaluator.

Phumla has experience in government and private rehabilitation settings.  She has worked in the insurance industry focusing on absenteeism, incapacity and disability management. She has worked in the medicolegal field and conducts FCEs. She is passionate about return-to-work programmes and reducing the cost of medium-long term sickness, illnesses and incapacity.  She has presented training on ergonomics to several corporate organizations.

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