Autistic-like Features in Visually Impaired Children

Course Overview

3 CEUs.

Purchase access to the questionnaire on this open access journal article. You will be required to read the article and answer multiple choice questions related to the article (you must get 70% and above to qualify for the 3 CEUs).  

Objectives of this course:

On completion of this CPD activity, the participant will be able to:
  • Identify causes of ASD presenting in children with VI.
  • Describe the presentation and development of autistic-like symptoms (including joint attention, language, stereotypical behaviour and theory of mind) in children with Visual Impairment as compared to those with ASD.
  • List assessment tools that may be modified ad used to assess for ASD in children with Visual Impairment.
  You have until 31st December 2023 to complete this task.




Molinaro A, Micheletti S, Rossi A, Gitti F, Galli J, Merabet LB, Fazzi EM. Autistic-Like Features in Visually Impaired Children: A Review of Literature and Directions for Future Research. Brain Sci. 2020 Aug 1;10(8):507. doi: 10.3390/brainsci10080507. PMID: 32752249; PMCID: PMC7465914.


Summary of the article:

The relationship between Visual Impairment (VI) and Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) is highly controversial.

This Systematic Review attempts to summarise and clarify the available literature on this topic, distinguishing between the common causes of these conditions and the impact of limited visual experiences on early development of behaviour, language, and social communication skills. The development of joint attention, language and communication, stereotypical behaviours, and theory of mind are compared in children with ASD, VI and typically developing children. Lastly, the article reviews ASD diagnostic tools and their dependence on visual skills and highlights some modifications that should be made when assessing for ASD in children with VI.

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This article is addressing an important question from parents!

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