Article CPD: Technology acceptance, remote work beliefs, and wellbeing of remote workers

Course Overview

3 CEUs.

Purchase access to the questionnaire on this open access journal article. You will be required to read the article and answer multiple choice questions related to the article (you must get 70% and above to qualify for the 3 CEUs).  

Objectives of this course:

On completion of this CPD activity, the participant will be able to:
  • List the Clusters of employees described in the study and the identifying features of each cluster.
  • Identify the optimal remote work conditions
  • Identify which workers will require training and support
  • Discuss the qualities of organisations which may support or hinder successful remote work
You have until 31st December 2023 to complete this task.  




Donati S, Viola G, Toscano F, Zappalà S. Not all remote workers are similar: Technology acceptance, remote work beliefs, and wellbeing of remote workers during the second wave of the covid-19 pandemic. Int J Environ Res Public Health. 2021;18(22).


Summary of the article:

This study aimed to identify if different groups have different beliefs about working from home using the Technology Acceptance Model.

This article provides food for thought when considering remote work as a proposed reasonable accommodation for clients returning to work after illness or injury. It highlights key aspects of organisations that should be considered when deliberating on the employer’s willingness or ability to establish a remote work option or adaptation. It also considers personal beliefs and situations which may impact on a client’s success, productivity and job satisfaction in working form home. Challenges and disadvantages also serve to inform our recommendations and the supports required to ensure the Remote Work RTW solution has the best chance of succeeding.

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Marina Crous
Posted 5 months ago
How to choose the correct Model

You cannot expect people to work from home 7 Days a week. Balance is important

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Annette Stipp
Posted 9 months ago
how clusters differ

Found clusters interesting

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