2022 has rushed to an end! With our first near normal year after 2 years of the COVID Pandemic – this year has felt “Larger than Life” in many way. Finding a new normal, rebuilding our practices and services, recovering our finances, and settling our families back into school and work.

In March 2022, the HPCSA announced a new system of CPD. Service providers now submit all your CEU details after course completion and it is immediately uploaded to your HPCSA profile. This has meant that the traditional audit system is no longer in play. Instead all practitioners are expected to be CPD compliant at all times.  This means you need to have 60 points active (so valid for the 24 months prior to that current day) with 10 of those being Ethics points. While this can be daunting for some, it is an attempt to ensure that practitioners are learning every day and keeping their practice evidence-based and current. Maintenance of Licensure systems are also on the horizon and will herald a completely different system of CPD and force us to change the way we go about Continuing Professional Development. The operationalizing of these plans and policies is quite an undertaking – and as such it is taking time and considerable work to build these systems and ensure they can work to achieve their goals of better informed clinicians and ultimately better health care.

I am forever grateful for the active role our association, OTASA, in particular plays in all these changes. Ensuring that OT is always represented and a part of the planning process. OTASA has also been hard at work building systems to recognise specialization. The new professional body is currently operational and welcoming applications for professional registration from OTs.  Many other professions already use systems like this as a way to recognise experience and expertise and facilitate appropriate billing in accordance with skill. They are hoping this may help when NHI comes in and we need to prove our value too.

The OT Link is working to keep abreast of these changes and your needs as we plan our CPD courses for 2023. We are hoping to have many of them accredited for Professional Registration purposes so that we can support your learning, growth and recognition in any way we can.

Thank you for your support over the past year and through the chaos of changes we find ourselves in!

We hope that this Black Friday Sale can open more access to quality, affordable CPD Workshops which will transform your practice using the latest evidence. It is a great opportunity to catch up any points you need and to ensure your CPD compliance is up-to-date as the year draws to a close.

It has been a fun year of learning and we have enjoyed all the speakers have shared. We hope you can benefit from these sessions too. As always – we appreciate all your comments and reviews as this really helps us to fine tune our offering.

Our plans for 2023 are shaping up nicely and we hope to bring fresh, new ideas, evidence and topics to meet your needs!

Have a great end of 2022

Best wishes,

Jennifer and Lauren