Quality Assurance and feedback and evaluation mechanisms

  • All courses will be run by professionals with extensive experience in the relevant field and preferably who have masters’ level or postgraduate training in the specific field.
  • All articles that are posted will be reviewed and questions set up by occupational therapists with a Master’s degree in Occupational Therapy.
  • All workshop participants will be required to fill in the HPCSA course evaluation form at the end of each session before being given their CEU certificate of attendance. 
  • Feedback will be anonymous and completed in writing by individuals. 
  • This feedback will be used to improve the quality of future sessions and monitor the effectiveness of the training provided.
  • All online journal and video activities will also require feedback forms to be completed before they will qualify for certificates of completion. This will be used to monitor that the questions are well set and easily understood and if problems are noted these activities can be amended immediately to improve quality.
  • All feedback forms or evaluations will be submitted to HPCSA as required in year-end or monthly reports. 


  • Small group workshops of 5 -10 people will be hosted at The OT Link headquarters in Blairgowrie.
  • Large workshops of 30 or more will be hosted at The University of the Witwatersrand Occupational Therapy department or other such suitable conferencing venue.
  • Intermediate groups will be held at The Randburg Assembly Church Hall, Sierra Hotel or other such suitable conferencing venue. 


  • 1a: Coffee Clubs (3 hours): R650 early bird and R750 late registration
  • 1b: Online Journal Articles: R200 for 3 CEU point activity
  • 1c: Online activities: depends on the activity – roughly R200 per CEU
  • 1d: Workshops (8 hours): R1000 early bird and R1200 late registration with lunch option billed separately.

Recording Attendance 

  • Learner management system software will record attendance of all online activities including recording how long participants spent engaging with the activity.
  • Workshop participants will be required to sign the attached attendance register on arriving and leaving the workshop in order to qualify for their points.
  • Attendance registers will be scanned and filed in the monthly or yearly CPD report. 
  • Web conferencing: Screenshots of log in and out times will be filed together with the physical attendance registers. 
  • See attendance register template and attendance certificate template attached.

The institutions or organisation’s experience in health care education

  • All three partners of The OT Link have a Masters degree in Occupational Therapy
  • We worked together at the University of the Witwatersrand teaching both undergraduate and postgraduate students in the Occupational Therapy Department.
  • Jennifer Hooper continues to teach on the Postgraduate NeuroSciences Masters Course at Witwatersrand currently. 
  • Please see CVs attached. 
  • We are passionate about teaching and learning and in particular on using the evidence to inform practice.