Coffee Club

Coffee Club Workshop

The ultimate journal club. So much more than just the discussion of one article and its flaws and weaknesses. 

These are 3 hour workshops presented monthly by various experts reviewing the evidence related to a particular topic.

Our focus is on reviewing evidence relating to conditions and practice and using the workshops as a platform to discuss this evidence (teaching clinicians how to read and interpret the literature) and find practical ways to use this evidence to tailor treatment and make rehabilitation more effective within the scope of the unique South African health care setting 

Access will be granted to an additional article on the topic – which participants may choose to read and complete a questionnaire to obtain a further 2 points. The idea behind this is that we will discuss how to read and interpret the literature during the workshop. This activity then becomes an opportunity for participants to engage with the literature themselves in order to practice these skills. 

Web conferencing is available for therapists wishing to attend via virtual classroom. 

These sessions will also be filmed and provided as online course modules for those unable to access the workshops on the day.