Couch CPD

CPD from the comfort of your home or office, anytime, anywhere. Now no one has to be excluded from course content that is offered far from home, at great expense. This option is also great for therapists living abroad who wish to maintain their HPCSA points and registration. 

There will be three different offerings

  1. Video presentations with questionnaires

Separate one hour podcasts and video sessions will be filmed on various topics and provided as online learning opportunities together with CPD questionnaires to ensure learning and using learner management system software. 

  1. Journal articles with questionnaires
  2. We hope to video our workshops and make them available online together with a questionnaire to ensure the content has been watched and to test learning. This will make our CPD more accessible to clinicians in outlying areas or those unable to attend on the day. 
  3. Skype or web conferencing at workshops will also be offered. There will be no questionnaires associated with these and we will record log in and out times on skype attendance. 

We will be loading various free access articles onto our website throughout the year. Participants would be required to read the article and answer the multiple choice questions provided. Those achieving a score over 70% would qualify for 1 CEU/5 questions – so most likely 2-3 CEUS per article. These questionnaires will be online and scored immediately by the LMS software. The areas these articles will be categorised into include: Articles will be available for one year and these activities may only be done once by each clinician (this will be enforced by the software).

  • Outcome measures
  • Adult physical Rehabilitation
  • Adult Psychiatric Rehabilitation
  • Paediatrics
  • Hand therapy
  • Medicolegal practice
  • Vocational Rehabilitation
  • Adaptive Equipment and Assistive Devices
  • Community Health
  • Ethics