Goal setting for the new year

Happy (belated) new year! If you are anything like me you are still trying to figure out 2021 and cannot believe that January 2022 is finished and we are speeding through February faster than those downhill skiers at the Winter Olympics.


Setting up The OT Link with my 2 great friends has been one of the most rewarding and challenging and growing things I have done. And as we have researched articles and courses to bring great, relevant and exciting content what has come up again and again and again is the need to set great goals and know where we are heading in our OT treatment.


When I worked as a clinician at Baragwanath Hospital I was not great at this. I didn’t appreciate the role of setting goals in actually achieving my goals. And I look back at my treatment and am sad for how much more I could have achieved if I had just started with well- set goals for my clients.


With age, comes a (little) wisdom and a (little) insight into goal setting. And I hope I can share some of my insights with you.

Please find a video on setting smart goals.

And a video on practicing to write smart goals.

Good luck with setting those personal and therapy goals in the future!