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Grab yourself a cuppa and join Anupa Singh and The OT Link for online Coffee Club.

Follow the link provided to watch the video. You can watch it in parts or all at once, but you will need to complete the viewing of the video on the website before you can complete the quiz.

A live Zoom Q&A session will be hosted on Friday 9th of October 2020, from 9am -10am.

You are welcome to write your questions for the speaker in the “Leave a reply” box if anything arises while you are watching the presentation. Alternatively, please email any questions to [email protected] The speaker will answer these questions as well as any that arise from the discussion on Zoom. The live webinar has been awarded 1 bonus CEU for live attendance. Complete the zoom course evaluation using the password we will give you during the webinar to print your CEU certificate for the extra point.

The Zoom webinar session will be recorded and loaded onto the course lesson list so that you can watch it at a convenient time if you are unable to attend the chat on 9 October. Unfortunately you will not qualify for the bonus CEU point however.

Once you have completed the presentation viewing, answer the quiz. You only have three attempts at the quiz, so be sure to check your answers. If you score above 70% on the Quiz, you will qualify for 3 CEUs.

On completion of the course and quiz, kindly fill in the course evaluation so that we can monitor the quality of this CPD activity. This is an HCPSA requirement. Once you have completed the evaluation and marked all tasks complete, you will be able to access your CEU certificate on your My Courses Profile.

You have until the 31st of December 2020 to complete this course.

We hope you enjoy this online course!

We look forward to your feedback and questions.




2 Responses

  1. Thank you for a very insightful and valuable presentation, Anupa.

    Unfortunately I can not attend the live zoom session.

    I have so many questions but will limit it to two 🙂

    1. Can you please talk me through a typical treatment session for someone who had a stroke about 2 months ago, with spasticity in the arm and hand, who does not yet have any active movement present in any of the upper limb joints?

    2. What is your opinion about splinting a neuro hand?

    And just a comment: I would love to learn even more about this very complex topic of treatment of the hemiplegic hand. Please consider doing a full in-depth course on it 🙂

    Thank you,
    Kind regards
    Stefani Pienaar

    1. Thank you for your questions. We are so glad you enjoyed the course and we certainly hope to do some follow ups next year.
      We will forward your questions on to Anupa for answering during the zoom call. The recording should be online by early next week. Kind regards Jennifer, The OT Link

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