Happy Mother’s Day and thanks for all the support!

May being our birthday month and the month of Mother’s Day is just so apt..
The OT Link was born out of a mom’s tea chat.
A group of friends, sharing their passion for their kiddies, each other and our very special OT profession over a hot cup of coffee and delicious cake. (Probably in staccato sentences running behind our kids😜)
Always hungry to learn and to be inspired but also cognizant of the demands of other roles and important parts of our lives like our kids and families and friends.
Finding work and learning that could be flexible but also satisfy our curiosity and help us to grow as OTs..
The OT link has been a dream, a challenge, a steep learning curve and a passion.
Work never feels like work when you feel like you are making a difference, doing what you love and sharing the work journey with friends.
Thank you Lauren and Kathy for taking the plunge with me into this OT Link adventure! ❤️
Thank YOU fellow OTs and OT Link friends for sharing in our passion, supporting us and helping us to grow, joining our circle and just being the awesome OTs and therapists that you are to all your patients!
Thank you to all the speakers that inspire us, the OTASA CPD committee that journeys with us, Creative Guild and their awesome web help, Louise for her creative insights, Darryl for getting us going and all who have helped along the way. Thank you to our husbands and kids for tolerating our wild ideas and always encouraging us to be the best we can be and to chase our dreams.. ❤️❤️❤️
Today we send a special shout out to all the moms in our community and wish you balance.. time with your precious family, time to chase your passions and time to just be.. ❤️
…  Jennifer